Unlike group photography courses which always have to cater to the least knowledgeable pupil, One-to-One tuition with Jonathan will guarantee you 100% of his attention for 100% of the time. You decide exactly what you want to know, from the basics of digital photography for beginners to brushing up or adding new skills for advanced enthusiasts. Some of the many things you could discover:

- Take control, get your camera off the "P" setting!

- Understanding exposure and how it affects your photos

- How to think about composition, seeing the bigger picture

- Take better portraits and photos of your family

- Which types of file are best, RAW vs JPEG

- Travel and city break photography

- Get to grips with ISO, understanding light

- How and when to use flash (and when not to)

- Creative Landscape photography and the use of filters

- Introduction to studio photography for people and products

- Photo editing and workflow with Abobe Lightroom and Abobe Photoshop

- Converting colour to black and white in Lightroom, use of Nik Software

- Retouching and photo restoration masterclasses available 

All you need is a DSLR, Bridge Camera or Compact with some manual controls. To have a chat about what you'd like to learn just call me on 07930 322557, or email me at

Hourly sessions start from as little as £45, all day courses (7 hours) from £275